Sunday, January 16, 2022


       I have an astounding lack of knowledge when it comes to computers. 

       Now I'm not talking about the physical aspect of computers. The wires , hard drives, fans.. I don't think I need to know about them. I do vacuum the inside once in a while.

       Where my lack of knowledge is in using all the whatevers we have to use like say blogger, email, face book , you tube, and all those searches.

       Well my outlook email did something to me that was very maddening. Outlook changed all my inbox emails. These were emails that had been sent and new emails I received. This was a challenge. I had my emails in order by date. 

      My method to fix things like this is to click on any icon I see on the page. Sometimes I click on them twice. sometimes I click them many times. I had no idea why the order of my inbox emails had changed. Later on in this process I start thinking. I came to the conclusion that the order of the emails had changed. But why? What made the order change? Had I accidentally changed the order? And how do I get the order of my inbox back to dates?

     In the upper right corner there was something called filter. I had clicked on it a few times. However, one time I noticed that there was a drop down menu and on it was order. There I saw all the ways I could have my inbox organized, The first choice was date. I quickly clicked on date and immediately my problem was solved.

    So on many of the pages we use there are 20-30 icons that do many wonderful things. Do I know much about any of them? Obviously not. The blogger post page has more than 40 icons on it.  Now the micro manager has to look at all the icons and wants to know what each one does. All I can say is, "I don't know!". 

    So once in a while my puzzler has to work to solve something.