Sunday, July 4, 2021


      Now I've been around long enough to hear many good ghost stories .

      Some ghost stories are on the humorous side. People play pranks on others using a ghost theme. 

      Other ghost stories are those that relate an incident which can be used to explain an incident that is odd. 

     Some ghost stories come from those who firmly think that there are ghosts. 

     If we go back in history there is much about ghosts. They used ghosts to explain many happenings. 

      The Arctic has generated many excellent ghost stories. Many people lived in very isolated areas and some saw very few people in a year. Traders would sometimes go for months without seeing anybody. Some of them were spooked. Many trappers lived alone for long periods of time. 

     Hudson Bay trading post buildings were built in the same style. They were small story and a half buildings. There are many stories about hearing steps moving across the second story floor. There have been stories about boots that seem to move . 

    One night visitors came to a lonely trader. The visitors knew about the trader's story. They carefully set up a situation with string so that they could move boots across the floor. The trader would hear steps and go up and check. Sure enough the boots had moved but there was nothing there. He would come down and continue his meal until the boots moved again. Needless to say, it was a fun evening and the visitors admitted their prank. 

     I was once on a church work party and I went up the stepladder to replace burned out light bulbs. The lights were about 14 ft up. I moved from light to light. Finally I got to the front right hand corner. When I was at the top of the ladder I heard a swishing sound between me and the wall. If I was still the noise swishing sound was less . If I moved the swishing became louder. So was there something up in the corner telling me to go away? It was an experience that I have never forgotten. 

     What do I think? I think that for some reason there was static electricity and when I moved the static electricity was more active. I've heard similar  stories and they are used to prove the absolute existence of ghosts. The stories go on about the many funerals held in the church and that some of the spirits are left and are angry. 

    Well, I find a good ghost story interesting. What about you? What is your thinking about ghosts.? Do you have some good ghost stories?