Sunday, July 24, 2022


      I have written on this topic before and some of you may remember that post. It fits in with my last post.

      In 2008 I had a two hour period where I did not make new memories. I came in the house and saw that it was 12:20 PM and didn't know where I had been. I usually make lunch around 11:30. So I had no memory of the last two hours. The micro manager said quick. We have to get to emergency because you're having a TIA. So off we go and I'm driving. Many times the Micro Manager starts a trip and then says I wonder if I turned the stove off.  Apparently, I turned around and took her back home and then went to emergency. 

     I thought I was only minutes in emergency before they scanned me. Apparently I had to wait. They did many tests and couldn't find a problem. They had me stay all day for observation. From about 1:30 on I was again making new memories. I was sent home.

    Three years later I had the same situation. I had the same neurologist. She said , there's no sense in doing the tests over again because they will show that you are fine. But, she said there's one test we haven't done. We haven't done an  EEG with sleep deprivation. So I had to stay awake all night and go at 9:00 Am for and EEG. The EEG showed an area in the brain that indicated seizures. 

    Now many seniors have this condition and it's not diagnosed and they are treated as if they have permanent damage or aging. The situation is easily controlled by medication. For me it's lamotrigine.

    Check this link and you will find lots of information on this topic. I happened to have been very lucky to have and excellent neurologist who diagnosed me.

     So now I'm as good a forgetter as the rest of you.