Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I Wish You Wouldn't Share Some Things on Facebook

     Some Facebook people find it easy to share things with you that you would rather not have. Most of it's just junk but some of it leaves me with smoke coming out of my ears. Most inappropriate things I can ignore but some leave me fuming for days.

    So somebody shared this graphic with me the other day. The heading is "Problem not guns". There are three very prominent pistols pointing at you. Then it goes on to say(1) hearts without God, (2) Homes without discipline, (3)Schools without prayer, (4) courts without justice.There's a very small bible on the left and very small Jesus figure on the right. It concludes and asks you to say "Amen" if you agree with this.

    Now the reasoning is faulty. They are making some statements that are opinions not facts. They present an all or nothing choice! 

   Now for starters with me guns are a problem. I know some people will disagree with me and leave. However, people can have their opinions. So I cannot say Amen to guns. On (2) I wonder who says what's discipline and what's not? After 37 years of teaching , schools are no place for public and compulsory prayer. And (4) Our courts do a good job. It's not perfect but day in and day out they do what they are supposed to. They dispense the law as it's written.

   Now what really gets me is that they have put all five things in one and ask you to agree. If you don't agree with all things then you are  a dirty rotten fink. 

    This is a poorly disguised
 visual that is promoting guns and that guns are somehow or other related to issues that have nothing to do with guns. 

   So now I've got this off my chest and I feel better.

   Have any of you received this share?