Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fort Normandeau Part Three

      The setting of fort Normandeau is worth a good look. It's pretty, native habitat has grown in well and there's the river.

      The setting is pleasant and clean. There's a wide open area for picnics and hosting various functions and displays.
Size and type of teepee that was used for regular life.

A fancy large tent for larger groups

Old days transportation

Help yourself to some cool water.

      The parking lot is placed among some very healthy native habitat. There are many shrubs such as choke cherries and Saskatoons.

A cairn with a brief history

     There is an open space to the river so that you can see how a crossing could be made with horses and wagon.

The river widens here and becomes shallow

This guy is short and the water is just above his ankles.
This kid was hung up in shallow water.