Thursday, November 6, 2014

More on Time

      As a continuation of the recent time change post, there are some things I do notice because of the time change.

      When the time changes I seem to notice how short the days have become. Before the time change we still have a long afternoon and some evening. Right after the time change the evening sunlight has gone and the afternoon ends early. Today the sun set at at 4:56. It's dark by 6:00 PM. The sun rose this morning at 7:40 AM. It was dark before when I got up and it's still dark when I get up now after the time change. The shortest day of the year is on it's way.

   However, today was one of those awesome fall days. We had a high of 17 C (65 F). This is not a record but very nice to have. I couldn't find a record high for this day but the record high for November is 22.8 C ( 73 F). If you care to know the record low at Red Deer for November is minus 35 C ( -32 F).

    Now here's  poor excuse. I was busy today and didn't get a photo. Tomorrow is to be much cooler and I might get  snow photo.

    Our warm temperature today was caused by a chinook. Air rushes over the Rocky mountains and drops in altitude. As the air drops it warms up. Chinooks are always come with a high west wind, but I don't mind if I get warm weather. We also have cloud cover but if we look to the west we see blue sky.

     So a November 6 that is very warm is  pleasant bonus. It means one less day of cold winter weather.