Friday, May 20, 2016

Oh! Oh!

    This is what I woke up to this morning! Yes, a little snow and temperature of plus 1 C(34 F). When I went to bed it was raining and it rained in the night. Sometime in the early morning it turned to ice pellets and that's what you see in my newly planted garden.

    Now this is the start of what we call in western Canada the May long weekend. Other Canadians call it Victoria Day weekend which is a time to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. Yes , we still have a Queen! I'm not sure why. I did see her a couple of times. Now I think it's more to celebrate the present Queen's birthday..

    We joke about camping on this May weekend and how often we camp in very inclement weather. Usually we're around campfires with our winter jackets on. However, being eternal optimists we continue to go camping on a weekend that has big odds of very poor weather. Oh, it's going to be cold in the tent tonight! Now I admit that I'm not going to go camping. I haven't gone out on this long weekend for close to 40 years.

    Now Buttons at Buttons thoughts had a good post on our May weekend. Go over there and read her excellent piece.