Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oops! It's December

    I was a little surprised today to realize that it's Dec. 1. Things have been so busy that I wasn't considering the date.

   We've had two major dumps of snow so I've been busy shoveling. We're going to get another dump of snow tonight. A couple of other things are going on in my life and they have stolen my mind and kept me busy.

   Usually I'm obsessively watching sunset time for each day. Usually I have noticed that the days are much shorter and the sun is going down very early. I haven't even thought of those things this year.

If I watch we also get some great sky colors at this time of year. Reminder to self. Take the camera in the afternoon.

    So today the sun rose at 8:22 AM and is setting at 16:26 PM. That gives us 8 hours and 4 minutes of sun. We are very close to the time when the sun doesn't set much earlier. Here the earliest the sun sets is 16:23 PM so you see we're almost there. 

Lights on the house from last year

    December may have surprised me but I do have my house Christmas lights up.