Friday, July 8, 2022


       Yesterday I kept my eye on the sky and the weather radar. We were supposed to have violent thunderstorms. I wasn't so worried about violent thunder showers but about the amount of precipitation we might receive. 

       Two weeks ago we had a major downpour and our intersection was flooded.  We did not have any flooding in the house but I have a sump pump and it was cutting in in less than every minute. 

     Monday morning about 5 AM we had another major deluge. We had about an inch of rain in about an hour. So the water table came up and the sump pump ran every three minutes. 

    So you can bet I was watching clouds and following the radar to see how much precipitation we might get.

    As it turned out all the thunder cells missed us so no more water was added to our water logged soil .

    I'm watching the weather forecast for the next week and you can bet that I don't want any rain. 

    Now I like clouds. These were in a thunder cell build up this afternoon.