Saturday, December 3, 2022


       I have ranted on this topic before. Maybe I've ranted too many times. 

       I just hate to see the loudest brainless people get wall to wall coverage in the press. Everybody picks on Trump as getting too much mileage from his outlandish behavior and comments.  Recently, he's been making about half the items in a news feed I follow. As more lawsuits pile up and outlandish comments are made the press coverage is more and at a feverish pitch. 

      I'm tired of hearing all these news items. 

      Recently a new premier was chosen in my province, Alberta. She was chosen by members of her party.

     She campaigned on some extreme right wing policies. Now that she has got started , she's come up with some pretty wacky ideas.

     She sees our federal government as the evil of all evils. She's got a proposed piece of legislation that will allow our province to pick and choose what laws we will abide by and those we will not obey.   These rules have been in effect since the beginning of our country. Yes, they change and adapt as the years go by. So she wants to take everything she can from the federal system and not contribute to that system. Of course she has enough warped logic to make this sound good.

      But, she is  mouthpiece and is getting lots of press.

      I'm not saying these people should not get any press. We have to know people's ideas if they have any. We have to know what is correct  so that we can make decisions about what to support. 

     Okay, I'm not going to ask you for a solution. There is a solution but it'll never happen.

    The press today is to make money. The press puts out what makes the most money for them. So they've found out that outlandish things get good ratings. 

    So I guess I'll have to rant once in a while about what I think is  major problem. 

    I don't think I'll post the next rant!