Friday, July 4, 2014

An Ipad Mini

      I recently came to possess a sleek, shiny new ipad mini!

      Now I've been here before. I got an ipod a couple of years ago. It took a long time before I conquered that little ipod.  I thought I might have to get a kid to help me, but no way I figured things out  by myself.

      Now the ipad mini does an amazing number of things. It does more than my old tower computer and a lot faster. I'm looking forward to doing all (well some of them) the cool things an ipad can do.

    Now this time I'm not going to play the hero and set up everything on my own. No sir! I've got a very good self help book form the library. You know the ones that have dummies in the title.

Side by side!

    I'm also going to do something quite brilliant.. Well, brilliant may not be the best word. Our library has a special staff member to help people with computer issues. Yes, I'm going to make an appointment and have this ipad set up so that it will do everything except wash the dishes.

I think I'm going to do a post on the ipad!