Sunday, September 13, 2009

1000km Cycling Goal Met Tonight

       Each year I set a goal to ride a minimum of 1000 km . Tonight I achieved my goal and I still have good riding weather left so that I can add to the total. Last year I rode until Dec. 1 but most years cycling ends at the end of October.

Riding through Bower Woods

     All of my riding is done on paved trails set up through out the city. In the picture I am riding through Bower Woods. I usually ride by myself as I find it safer. Two people tend to pay less attention as to what is around them. I also find it much more convenient as I don't have to phone someone and wait until they are ready. Now it's not that I'm antisocial. If I meet someone I know, I will stop and visit. In this way I find it easier to achieve my goal. Riding an average of 20 km per hour means that it only takes 50 hours to ride 1000 km . So 50 hours is only a small part of the summer.