Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Troubling Trump

       First of all a caveat. I'm a Canadian. I feel making comments on Trump is not really my business. But here goes.

       In Canada , we've just finished 10 years with Stephen Harper. It was ten years of mean, nasty, ignorant bumbling. Harper reduced taxes, cut the budget, laid off staff, cut programs. These things were not successful in improving the Canadian economy. We had large deficits for nine years until just before he lost the election.

     Harper insisted on meddling with justice. He wanted longer sentences and fuller jails. In fact, he overcrowded prisons which leads to more problems. Many of his laws were not upheld by the supreme court. Harper did not meet with premiers or any other group such as indigenous groups. Harper passed a law to retroactively protect the RCMP from being charged with a criminal offense. Many government staff and departments were barred from speaking about their work. Our scientists were muzzled and Harper did not believe in science based evidence.

     On foreign matters Harper was cheap and did not aid those who needed it. Harper liked to take his cap gun and stand with American forces somehow thinking that this would make him look big. Harper took us out of the Kyoto Accord...the only country in the world to do so. The world wondered what had happened to Canadians.

     Harper told the American President that the  pipeline decision was a no brainer. What a way to insult someone.

     These are all bozo moves. It was embarrassing.

     Now for Donald  S. Trump. Trump is a train wreck about to happen. If his ranting is any indication, the world is not going to like what he may do. Fences? Are there not a 100 different solutions to the problem of illegal migrants? Does a fence correct all the different problems with illegal migrants. 

     Trump's understanding of world religions is completely lacking except when it comes to going after voters. The guy claims to be a born again Christian and that's alright. It's his choice and conviction. With his understanding of world religions, I wonder if he understands Christianity? 

     With all the bombast of the campaign it seems that all countries will be treated with utter disrespect when the mood hits him. The guy's erratic. 

     The comment, "I could shoot people and they'd still vote for me" is scary. It sends a cold, threatening  message to Trump's neighbors.

     There seems to be very little offered about the nitty gritty daily operation of a country. Smart assed comments and instant reactionary rants don't get things done.

     We've just gone through 10 years of buffoonery. I wouldn't want anybody to go through what we've just finished with.