Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Paper Was Late This Morning Wha! Wha! Wha!

        My paper has to be delivered before 6:30 AM. Until recently I've had a handicapped man deliver my paper and he would be out at about 3:00 AM so there wasn't going to be any problem with him. After that he went to his day job. This meant I could take a quick look at my paper before or after breakfast and read it later in the day when I had time.

       Apparently I have new delivery person now and he let me down. I looked for my paper at 7:30 AM and it wasn't there. I phoned the paper and they said it would be delivered. Now usually when that happens you get your paper in less than half an hour. I looked a 8:30 AM and no paper so I phoned again. I looked at 9:30 AM and still no paper so I phoned again. Finally about 10:15 AM I received a paper.

       Now usually I'm an amiable kind of person and don't get too upset by little glitches but today I am quite disturbed. I delivered papers for two years and know how the system is supposed to operate. My expectations were that it would operate in the same way and I would get my paper. So I am crying about my late paper. Now I expect that I will get a lot of sympathy from my kind hearted readers because this is a great tragedy.