Saturday, February 1, 2020


      Sometimes I find something like you tube and later on I get playing on it to see what's there. It looks like there's no limit at to what you can find. I like to look up the different places where I have lived.

       So last night I just put in Wakeham Bay and a number of videos came up. I checked to see if there was anything interesting in the list.

      Well one of the little videos featured a woman who was ten years old when I was there in 1966-1969. There was Jessica explaining how to dig clams and eat them . She speaks Inuktituk and there are English captions. She digs the clams , cleans them and tells about eating them. She likes them raw with a bit of old whale or seal oil.

     So what a big surprise! So check out this link. Jessica Arngak, Wakeham Bay