Thursday, July 23, 2009


     I've told stories before about Alf, my 5 year old neighbor.

      Two evenings ago the doorbell went bing,bing, bing,bing !!!! When that happens we know it's Alf . My wife was the only one home and Alf had found a screwdriver in the alley and was wondering if it was mine . Of course, my wife wouldn't know if it was my screw driver or not, but since she knew I hadn't been working in the alley she told him it likely wasn't mine.

    I have a brick house . Alf was outlining a brick with his finger and he said, "You know this is just like a cookie!" My wife asked him why he thought it was like a cookie . He said it's like a cookie but it doesn't have the pink or brown stripes . She still couldn't get the drift of what he was trying to say . He finally said it's like those cookies you gave me one time . Do you have any ? Now she caught on . She had given him cream wafers about a year ago .

     So his method of asking for a cookie was most skillful and crafty . He didn't get any cookies , but the next day my wife gave him an ice cream cone . Now I suppose he'll be asking for ice cream . He's an amusing kid to have for a neighbor.