Friday, August 30, 2019


     My driver's license has come up for renewal. 

     Now here, private businesses look after driver's license renewal. They look after many more things like car license, registering of companies, land title services   just a lot of legal things that the government requires.

    Okay back to my driver's license. Here at a certain age , like eighty, you have to get a medical in order to get your driver's license..  The micro manager had to get on this right away. I would have waited but that's another debate. We went to the registry to get the form for a driver's license medical. Then hurry up and get an appointment for the said medical. 

    Okay it starts here. The receptionist threw my medical form away. She said it's all done electronically. Okay, I'll believe you. So for my examination the Doc gets the medical form on his computer , fills it out, and tells me to stop on the way out and sign it. Fine. They made a copy and gave me the original to take to the registry. Are you counting the mistakes yet.

   I get to the registry and they notice that there's nothing on my old license that said I wear glasses when I drive. So quickly over here to the eye tester machine. So you have a clerk giving you an eye test and not just measuring if you're 20/20. ..the colorblind test, depth perception! You have someone giving you a test that they don't know anything about.

   About that time I was thinking well how many mistakes have to be made before I don't get a license? What goes on with the system?

   The last time I renewed, my address was in another province!

    Well , I was given the standard paper interim license with the real one to follow in a bout 60 days. 

   Am I finished with mistakes yet? I hope so.