Thursday, June 1, 2017


     Last summer I enjoyed a large beaver pond. I usually road my bike by this pond and visited with many others who had the same idea I had. There were always many things going on at the pond. There were quite a few duck species and Canada geese. The Red-wing blackbirds thought this was a good place for them. There were sparrows, swallows, woodpeckers, warblers and chickadees. The Great blue heron was a special treat.

    The beavers had worked hard on their dam and cut down many trees to store for winter food.

    The first time I went back this spring to check on the pond, I was most disappointed. the pond was no more and the stream ran in it's original banks.

    Well, the beavers didn't move very far. they found another place about 500m further down with luscious young poplar trees which were right beside the bank.

    They have also been working to control the water in the stream. They have built at least three small dams that I can see. They are going to get into trouble with one of their dams as it's under a footbridge.