Thursday, May 5, 2022


      The other day the Micro Manager came running out of the house in a state of high anxiety and yelled, "Red it looks like there is a wheel chair and a walker on the other side of the street by the curb and I think it says FREE on them!" 

     Well, finally I was persuaded to peak through the fence and yes the  said items were out there. I couldn't see if it said free. The Micro Manager said, "Well , hurry up let's get over there."

     Over we went and yes they were free. She said, "Hurry up some one might come along and take them," as we stood there with our hands on the said items. 

    She said let's take them. You might need them.

    So off we went for home with one of us pushing the wheel chair and one the walker. Fortunately, no one came by to see us and we got the two items into the back yard.

    We took a minute to inspect our treasure. The walker looked as if it just needed to be wiped off. Guess who got that job because "you might need it." The wheel chair was in good condition but was quite dirty. It had been kept in the garage so there was dust, leaves, saw dust and other dirt and stains. 

    So the wheel chair will be cleaned up because, "You might need it. "

    Thinking a little more seriously you see people every day on the street and in stores and they are using a walker. In senior residences a large percentage of people use wheel chairs. 

     So as one of my friends commented, " I'm glad you have them but I hope you don't have to use them. "