Sunday, September 30, 2018


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      Now I used to know what qwerty was. Today , I was reminded about what qwerty is. I didn't really need to know what it is again.

     Most of us have wondered about the arrangement of keys on a keyboard and why they are arranged in that order. I posted on it a long time ago. In the qwerty arrangement all the other keys are arranged around qwerty.

    Typewriters were invented in the 1870's. There were a variety of keyboard make ups tried. One inventor tried having the letters in alphabetical order.  The problem with most patterns was that keys that were often used were close to one another and so there was much jamming of keys. Somebody by the name of Mr Sholes spent about five years trying to develop a key board so that there would be a minimum of keys jamming.

     This pattern gradually became the pattern used on all keyboards,

     Well, the old typewriter has been obsolete for many years. My wife just sold her manual typewriter to an antique store this summer. With electronic key boards we don't have to worry about jamming keys. Will we get a new keyboard pattern? Somebody is probably working on a new pattern right now.

    Wait a minute. Don't they have voice "typing". Just say what you want and it's printed!

    Just think, you won't have to put up with all my typing mistakes. I make lots of mistakes and some of you are good at seeing them.