Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time Controls Us

     I read some posts and numerous comments on the change from Day Light Savings time to standard time last night. All posts and comments I read were not very favorable to the change. In other words there was a lot of moaning and groaning. I admit that the change in time sometimes bothers me.

     So I started to think about our control by time and I have some incidences and experience to go along with my idea.

    I come from a very rural background. I realize that an urban background has been tied to the clock for a long time. You can't go to work late.

     I am old enough to predate electric clocks. We had one wind up clock in the house. Sometimes the clock stopped because somebody forgot to wind it. Horror of horrors. What shall we do? We couldn't get time from the radio as time was rarely given and the radio batteries were dead half the time. So we just   phoned one of the neighbors to check the time.

    Grandma had a very ancient wind up clock that didn't keep time very well at the best of times. Her clock sometimes didn't run for days. In fact, she didn't know it wasn't running. Her life carried on and nobody missed eating or getting their work done. Since Grandma and Grandpa spent much of their lives out doors they were automatically aware of the time from the sun.

    I am retired. There is very little that requires me to be bound by clocks. I haven't worn a watch since the day I retired. I do use the clock in my car.

    So I think we're just tied a little too closely to time. We are slaves to time.

     Freedom is not knowing what time it is.

     And oh yes, you will adjust to the change in time.