Saturday, December 17, 2022


          Yesterday I gave you our dismal weather forecast for the next seven days. So today was our  first day of a long cold spell. We had about 5 cm of snow overnight with lots of wind.

          So when I went out to shovel today,  there was no snow in some places and 20 cm in other places. The wind had drifted the snow into snow banks. 

          So at minus 17 C I shoveled my sidewalks and driveway. And then I shoveled sidewalks for two neighbors. Then I cleaned out the paths to various things around my yard.

         Okay, you have to dress for the cold. First I found my "long johns". These are long legged underwear that go down to your ankles and then your socks fit over the bottom cuffs . Then I found my vest and fleece . Then my jacket went over these. So I dressed properly for the cold and I wasn't cold. 

         Pictures? No way. I don't like using a camera when it's this cold. My fingers soon get very cold and the battery seems to die very quickly when it's cold. 

        Tomorrow is going to be colder!