Tuesday, July 31, 2018


    Like most people, I sometimes read the information on the medication I've been given.  I'm always surprised at how many things are listed as side effects. Warnings are divided into three groups: warnings and precautions, interactions with this medication and side effects. This can be a scary list if you take some time to think about it. Obviously some of the risks would be a very low probability.

    As far as I know I've only had one problem with a medication and that's to get a mild depression.

     Well, this week the history changed in a very acute way. I recently had a medication changed because it might interact with some new medication. The doctor specifically said it may cause constipation. I jokingly said I don't need any help with constipation. I went on my merry old way with the new prescription. The medication was for arthritis and I was to take it as needed. I took one every 6 hours as directed

    I was doing my dishes about 6:15 and felt I had to go urgently. However , I could not make a deposit. That's weird. 15 minutes later another try. No success. This went on all evening and then I noticed that I couldn't pass any urine. Now I had two major bellyaches . I laid down about 10:00 Pm hoping to ease the pain and hoping that something might happen. 15 minutes later I got up and said this is serious and I have to go to the emergency.

    First, I told the Micro Manager I would go alone and by the time I was ready I said you better come with me.

    I went through the red tape to get into emergency and was told to wait. Okay, that's normal and fair. I paced the floor. Suddenly there was movement. What a relief.

   Would I leave the emergency then? No. I had to get checked out in case the problem continued. So lab work was ordered. A new gadget was used to see how much urine was in my bladder. An Xray was given to find out how much material was retained in my bowel

    Finally about 3:30 AM the doctor had everything together and visited me for a little chat.

    Now all of this was over a problem with a medication. It wasn't funny. It was serious. It was painful.

   I now have a different point of view about medications. If side effects or anything else become a problem it's serious.