Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rigid Clock Resetting Regime

      Now I know the time change requires that time pieces be reset. If it was up to me the clocks wouldn't be reset in any punctual order. I could live quite awhile before resetting anything as I can allow for the hour difference in my head.

     However , around here,  my manager has completely different ideas about resetting clocks. On the Saturday evening a kitchen clock and bedroom clock must be reset. Then there's the oven timer! That requires a bit of background. Our oven is the original with the house so it is 49 years old. I have replaced this timer twice. The last time we were told that there were no more parts available. So you say, so what? Get a new oven. Not my manager. This is a wall oven and you can't buy another wall oven to go in the same hole. So you say, change the cabinets. Now these are the original cabinets and according to my manager they don't make  cabinets of this quality any more. So to protect the timer this procedure is used. You trip the breaker for the oven Sat. Evening and then reset the breaker when the actual time equals what's on the timer. You don't understand this? Neither do I but it works. So that's the complicated part of the regime.
That great old time oven
The best old cupboards you can't buy anymore.

     The next morning all the other time pieces are reset. I'm responsible for the stereo and thermostat. I am closely supervise until this is completed. Now my wrist watch always stays in the drawer. Guess what ? I don't reset it and my manager doesn't remember it. 

    So I have survived another stressful time change. I will recover by Nov. when we have to turn the clocks back.