Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Another Walk in the Woods

     Yesterday I went for another walk in the woods. I was still looking for the Wood lily. I didn't find one. I think I'm going to have to look in another area. They need some open woods and where I'm going has really grown in the last ten years.

    However, my walk was not wasted. Last time I forgot to photograph the trail. Birds were very active. So were the mosquitoes. I did pick out three plants that I could not identify and one of my old favorites.

I know I went by a million wild roses so here's just one

Seneca root

Northern bed straw

     I also found a pale comandra but I see I didn't end up with a photo.

Up hill but I'll pass the bench

Continuing up hill.

Ominous storm clouds

The Red Deer River is running very high.

So it was a good afternoon. There were some dark storm clouds. There were a bazillion mosquitoes. I had a good look at the Red Deer River which is in flood stage. We do not have the flooding like Calgary.