Monday, April 13, 2020


   I'm sure that many people have been surprised to find that quarantine has bothered them. For me I didn't think I would be bothered and to be fair it's not really a big deal.

    However, we should be mindful and do things that keep up our morale.

   Some people are getting out and doing some great walks. Many of the trails are almost deserted. Mr Pudding from Yorkshire Pudding is going on great walks.

    Other people double down on crafts. Some people are going at house cleaning like there's no tomorrow. 

    I have recommended that you look for some music to listen to. I have two groups that I email once a week. 

     I'm sure that there are many different things people are doing while we are kept separate.

    I was fortunate yesterday to find a gold mine on FaceBook. One of my students from 82-83 put on photos from his yearbook. He put on all the home room photos. We had about 20 home rooms in the school. He got much reaction from the photos . Some of the people had lost contact with each other so were excited to meet some of their old friends. Much news was exchanged . A lot of laughing was involved. Willie just kept putting photos on all day. I was going to tell him to quit because it was my bedtime. However , I caught up with things today. Thanks Will for a  few pleasant  hours on Facebook.

    I can also take a few silly photos. Our neighbors gave us a plant for Easter so in the photo you not only get the plant but me as well. 

     The original wasn't much better than the one I played with.

    How are you doing in the "lock up"? What have you found to do that helps to make the time go by in a pleasant manner?