Wednesday, January 19, 2022


      You guessed it. I had to have a serious discussion with my printer. 

      I bought a half decent (not all the bells and whistles) printer about 5 years ago. I do very little printing. The printer also has a scanner and I do much less scanning than printing. 

     I will admit now that I was extremely challenged when I set the printer up. Some nice people at Brother guided me through the process. 

    Somebody in my house said that they didn't like all the cords with the computer. So the said somebody suggested that the printer be connected to the computer  by Wi fi. Now connecting computer and printer by Wi fi was another epic challenge

     Once in a while Wi fi, the printer or the computer forget that they are supposed to stay connected so they can chat.

    I don't scan very often...maybe a few times a year. So these three may have not been talking to each other for quite some time. Enough time has gone by so that I forget how to connect them again. Fortunately , I kept instructions. Even then there were things that I had a tough time to remember. How do you write 8 on a printer that doesn't have a keyboard? I finally remembered how to write number and put in my pass phrase. 

    Now doesn't it feel great once you've solved a problem. 😊 So I scanned a recipe and emailed it .