Tuesday, January 26, 2021


       For most of the past year I have looked at Covid statistics, noticed ups and downs and who was having the worst time with covid. We all know the line...people in long term care, people with underlying health conditions...

       It wasn't until October that we began having a huge increase in cases and deaths in this area.

       However, it took one special death to show how cruel covid can be.

       A woman who was a retired church secretary and her husband went to the church too help a new minister learn the ropes. Jim moved furniture and helped with clean up. 

       There were unknowns lurking. It was not known that the regular secretary had Covid. Jim's wife Linda picked up covid from the secretary and passed it on to her husband, Jim. Jim died in five days. 

       It really seems tragic that  man who was a volunteer should pay with his life . It's so simple for covid to pass from one person to another. 

       I now know people who have contracted Covid. You put  a name to a face. A 53 year old Downs Syndrome man has been in the hospital and has recovered. A former student has been in the hospital for two months on another issue and she caught covid in the hospital. 

      When covid gets close it's a very sobering issue issue.

       Be careful and be safe.