Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Time of Remembrance: Mothers' Day

      I'm one of those people who had two Moms , my Mom and my step Mom. My Mom passed away at age 59. I had my Mom for about 35 years. My step Mom passed away in 2005. I had her for 30 years. 

      Although both women were very different when it came to personality, they were both good Moms for the times they had us. My Mom was an influence, guide and support for my younger life. My step Mom was a very astute lady when it came to dealing with adult children.

      So it's a time of remembrance when I look back and take time to appreciate what was done for me and how I was influenced to be what I am today. 

      Tomorrow, I will be celebrating with my wife and remembering the huge contribution she made to our children's lives.

     I also thank and remember my grand children's mother.

     So Happy Mother's Day to the active Mom's in my family and thanks for the good times and memories of my Mom and step Mom.

     My Mom in 1964 with her first grandchild.