Thursday, February 3, 2022

        I wear, hearing aids, glasses, a  mask for covid and when it's cold a tuque.  I have never mastered wearing the mask so that my glasses don't fog up. I've tried many tricks that don't work. So I find the only thing I can do is put my glasses in  a pocket and try to put them back on when I'm in the  store. When I go back out to  the car I try to take my mask off as soon as possible. 

       Now the mask, hearing aids, glasses and tuque don't communicate very well. In fact, they don't even like each other.

       Yesterday I went for groceries. It was a nasty day. It was minus 25 C and a good wind.

       When I left the store an empty bag blew our of my cart.

       When I got to the car I wanted to get the mask off as quickly as possible. I felt one hearing aid pop out of my ear. Panic! I took the rest of my mask off but the hearing aid was not there. I took a quick look on the ground.  Nothing. Then I felt the side of my head and the hearing aid was caught on something on the side of my head...maybe a glasses leg. 

     So luck was with me to not lose the hearing aid but it was miserable. 

    I went to another store and used the same routine. After I was in the store a few minutes I pulled the glasses out of my pocket to wear them. I was having trouble to see. I found the products I wanted but couldn't see to read on them. I took things to the cashier and thought I better check my sales slip. I couldn't read it. I tried everything. Then I started freaking and wondered if I'd lost my sight that afternoon.

      I went to the car for another attempt to read the sales slip. It was the same. I checked my glasses to see if they were dirty . No. 

     After another couple of checks I noted one lens was missing! Heart failure again. How would I ever find a lens outside. I checked the pocket where I keep my glasses and there was the lens!

    I checked my sales slip and went home.

    What a couple of stressful experiences!

    Maybe I should go to the institution where the doors are locked and I can't get out to lose things.