Friday, March 19, 2021


       I have been thinking about scanning my slides for a long time...too long. I've got so serious about scanning my slides that I have started looking for a scanner. I took slides from 1966 to about 1970 so my slides are old. However, they contain some important memories. 

        So I started checking out scanners. I found a wide variety of scanners. Since my slides are not great   just garden variety, I don't need an expensive scanner with all the gadgets. 

      What I found was that there is not one scanner for sale in my town...not one. Well, there was one on Kijiji but it had been sold. I also did a wanted ad on Kijiji but that has not worked. 

     So I checked on line. There are many scanners but when you check the availability many aren't available so your choice becomes smaller. I will have to buy on line. 

      So what better place to check than my blog followers. Have you scanned slides? What kind of scanner did you use? 

     Wish me luck!