Sunday, October 7, 2018


      I have recommended several blogs over the years. I have a special blog that I'm  going to recommend now.

     My daughter has started a blog and I'm very proud of her and I'm sure she will have a first class blog.

    Let's use the way back machine.

    In 2008 my daughter set up the bare bones on Hiawatha House. She was leaving right away so left me to sort out the details which I did over a few years. From time to time I've asked her for advice. I've had her edit a few posts. She's very critical.

    She's a very good writer and communicator She's been that way since before she started school. So what degree does she take? A BA in communication. Her writing is clear and logical. She also has a sharp wit. She is opinionated but forms her opinions on information. 

    But her new blog is going to be on stuff. Lots of stuff. You'll be surprised.

    She surprised me when she said she was starting a blog and she surprised me when a saw the first posts. 

    So am I proud? You bet I am!