Friday, May 24, 2013

Prime Minister Stephen Harper: The Epitomy of Hypocrisy

    Our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has a history of actions that are scrapes. He gets very close to the unacceptable, unethical and sleazy politics. In other words he goes from scandal to scandal. When he's nailed with these behaviors he stonewalls and shape shifts his and others performances for long enough that the controversy dies down and he's off the hook.

    There was skulduggery conducted by Harper's party in the last election where they used robo calls to tell people that their voting places had been changed so the other guys didn't get their votes out. Of course, Harper denies this even though a judge ruled yesterday that the list the robo caller used came from Harper's party. 

    Harper has used attack ads. He thinks nothing of taking words from different contexts and putting them together so that it makes the other guy look like something else. These ads have been incredibly mean and most inaccurate. 

    The latest incident involves expense accounts by some senators Harper appointed. The Senators have double charged for their living allowances. The one senator owned up and made a big show of paying the money back. Now we find out that the said senator got all the money from the Prime Minister's office. This doesn't smell right. It sounds like the Senator was paid by the govt. so he could pay off his expense account that was over billed to the tune of $90000 . Now nobody is talking. Questions are not being answered. Harper give has smile , smirk and walks away.

   Harper has made crime and punishment a big part of his platform. Harper is great on telling us how he cuts our taxes. I would hope that a hypocrite like Harper finds himself in some of his new jails. It's rather ironic that Harper's senators are paying themselves double out of out tax dollars. 

    So Harper has not done what he says. He has not kept his promises. He is not listening to the people just some of the people and then he doesn't hear very well at that.

    Now I'm ordinarily not a ranter. I'm a fairly mellow fellow. It takes quite a bit to upset me. So I hope that you will work with me on this rant. Harper has upset me by his unnecessary inappropriate behavior.