Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reflections on Hiawatha House

      I started Hiawatha House on Aug. 27 ,08. For my first blog I put down some of my hopes and expectations as to what I wanted to achieve with Hiawatha house. I reread the first piece to see how much of what I wanted to do was accomplished. It was interesting. Some topics have not been dealt with while other things popped up unexpectedly.

Mostly the experience involved a tremendous and steep learning curve. The beginning challenges were with the mechanics of the blog. I am still finding new devices. It took me a long time to discover how to put pictures in the blog as I was too proud to ask. Now I have to improve on my photography game instead of borrowing pictures from my friends. The discovery of color was astounding! Examining my writing was eye opening. I will work on some areas to try and make things clearer.

      The topics to write on conveniently arose at the right time. Things happened or ideas that were rolling around in my head became ready for writing. Most things are pretty well in my head by the time I want to write. Interesting events seem to occur from time to time andI look forward to sharing them with you. The rabbit events really did happens.

       The audience is still mainly a mystery! When you write, you usually have some sense of who your audience is. Until I get more feedback, the audience is mainly a guessing game. I do appreciate my readers even though they are quite anonymous. I have bugged my friends and relatives to read Hiawatha House and so have some response . My brother had a good laugh recalling our "rhubarb fights". His wife had a chuckle over the line of some little fellow usually ended up crying.

   I know the past and what happened. I have some ideas of what I'd like to do next. I will try to push myself to deal with some of the topics which I wrote very little about . They will take some research. Looking back next year at this time will probably provide some more discovery.
"You can read the future,
Like a fairy tale."
From one of ABBA's songs