Friday, June 26, 2015

The Mayor's Garden Party

     Every summer our little city, Red Deer , has a Mayor's Garden Party. The Garden party was probably started 25 years ago and has been a popular event. It's meant to celebrate seniors. At one time there were many seniors around who had been the movers and shakers to build the city so it was fitting to celebrate seniors.

     The garden party has great sweet treats, lemonade, coffee and tea. It's themed to the 1890's so the servers, council, Mayor and staff are in period costumes. There's usually great entertainment. It's a fun afternoon.

    The Mayor's Garden Party is one of the Micro Manager's favorite events. She loves all about this event. 25 years ago it was a great event as she would go with her buddies. Now she doesn't have anybody to go with. Many our age have passed on or are no longer active. Some I just don't recognize anymore. I had to twist her arm to attend. I don't do social events of this type so I'm no support. 

    So when I met the Micro Manager after the event she was excited. She'd enjoyed the afternoon , found one of her friends and won a book.

    Now I spent time taking a few photos. I met many people I knew and was conscripted on the spot to take some photos.

And I did meet the Mayor who's the one with the red hat and shoes!