Sunday, September 4, 2011

One of Those Songs that Catches You...

       Yesterday morning a tune came on the radio show I was listening to and the tune stuck with me. It was "I Might as Well Catch the Wind" by Donavon. I've heard the song many times over the years but never really listened to the lyrics. Yesterday  somehow or other I caught the lyrics.  It was being sung by Celtic singer and I didn't hear who he was as I wasn't listening to the introduction of the song. The singer had one of those strong rough expressive voices and for once the song really caught me.

      The song tells about a lost love. The person thinks of how much they would like the lost love back but realize that it's impossible and the love is gone forever. So the singer tells us of something wonderful about the lover and then comes back to reality and says that they might as well chase the wind. The imagery is more than a lot of songs as he talks about tears falling as reain drips from leaves. I really enjoyed the song and it made me blue. In fact I think I was a little more than blue. The song stayed in my head all day.

      Today I was still thinking about the song when I realized what I had done yesterday. A friend of mine lost his wife this week and her memorial was held yesterday. So I was thinking how my friend must feel that his wife is gone. Yesterday we heard many wonderful things about her. However, my friend might as well chase the wind as those wonderful things about his wife have been lost.

      So maybe I was listening more carefully yesterday morning as subconsciously I knew what I would be doing in the afternoon.

     So I looked up the song and read the lyrics. It's a song which has been covered by many performers. I think I can remember Bob Dylan doing this one. I will get to the library soon and see if I can find it . So Donavon's song has been around a long time and finally it caught my attention.