Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Hot Tip I Just Got Off the Street

     Last September I did a post about a young girl, April, who walks to school by my place and she can use my place if she has any difficulties. Every few months I happen to be out in the yard and April comes along and we have a great conversation. 

    Today I had a visit with April. I found out why she was late going home from school . I found out that she likes the new colors her room was painted ...lime green and duct tape gray. I found out that she made the first brush stroke and that  her Mom painted the room. 

   Then she told me that she was on her way home to make supper. I asked her if she cooked . Oh yes, she can cook . Then I started to ask her what she cooks. Eggs? Yes, but she's allergic to them, but not if they're scrambled.

    Then I got a hot tip. In the summer she goes to the Farmer's Market with her Mom and Dad. They go to a vendor who sells home made bread. April buys a chocolate bread the has lumps of chocolate in it and it is soooo good.   Now back to the eggs. She can make French toast. Yes, you guessed it! French toast with the special chocolate bread that she buys from the Farmer's Market.
     It sounds so good I think I'll try it! So there's my hot tip from the street!