Saturday, September 3, 2016

A Little Confusion!

      For the last week or ten days I've been noticing something come up about daughter's week. Now I saw it several times so I got curious. Curious enough to look it up.

      I found many widely different pieces of information.  So what did I find?

      I had a hard time to track down daughter's week. There was information but nothing definite.

       Some sites suggest Son and Daughter day. This makes sense to me. I feel that in a family if you honor one child the other says, "Hey, what about me?"

      However there was lots of information on National daughter's day. Now the dates for national daughter's day was all over the year. One site was very specific...the fourth Sunday of September. Other's said August 11. there were dates in April May and June. It looks like whoever declares national daughter's day gets to say when the date is.

     What is National daughter's day for? Well, this makes some sense. It's to honor our daughters! So there are cards and suggested gifts for the occasion. It's starting to sound like this is commercialized.

     However, since we're on the topic, I can certainly take the opportunity to tell you that I have a great daughter. I have a great son but I'll have to leave that to National son's day.

    My daughter is a very lively energetic full of life character. She's always ready for a challenge. She's also very quick to challenge anybody else. House renovation is her passion. A do it yourselfer yet! When she lived here, Dad was her assistant. 

    Bright,  smart, ambitious. She finished two degrees and has worked in different fields. She worked in human resources for an oil company, taught high school (in French!) and now is back in human resources. She works in a group that develops programs for a large company.  She's in Australia for this week introducing training packages. Last week she was in Cleveland and next week she's back in Cleveland. Busy!

    After all that she has time to keep up talking to Dad.

    I always tell her , "She's the best daughter I could ever have." I tell my son the same thing. Keep things even!

      Now I don't need a special day to think about my daughter . I can do that all year.