Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Were You Ready to Leave Home?

    Now is the time when millions of young people are about to move out of the house for the first time. They have finished high school and have enrolled in some type of post secondary program. Or they may have found a job that is in another location. At any rate many people are leaving the house and their parents for the first time.

   Some youth want to leave the house. Others are not so sure that they want to leave and be on their own. Some are ready to leave and others are not ready to leave at all. 

    My daughter was accepted into a journalism school that was at the other end of the country. She had also applied to other schools and programs and had been accepted. She had choices. Her number one choice was the school at the other end of the country. She decided not to go as she just wasn't sure that she was satisfied with the living conditions and being so far from home. She stayed home and spent a year at the local college and then had confidence to leave and be on her own. She became much more independent during the year at college. She learned more about money and learned some basic housekeeping skills like washing clothes. She was not home sick. It was harder for Dad to see her leave than it was for her.

   Some people are not remotely ready to leave and live on their own. They are lacking confidence and have not grown into independence. Part of the reason for lack of confidence is the their own self esteem. They don't know how to handle money. They have no idea how to look after themselves. They have a place to live but don't have a clue what to do. 

   When I finished high school I was in no way ready to go out and live on my own. My Dad found a boarding place for me. Mistake. I should have found my own. I was terribly homesick. I looked around at my classmates and they seemed so much more capable that it intimidated me. I stood there with my eyeballs hanging out instead of learning how to be more independent. I could look after my money, but that's about all. I had no idea how to wash clothes. I could buy some clothes but even that was pathetic.

   So for all the kids who are leaving home this year , I wish you success and that you learn how to live on your own. Being able to live on your own will greatly increase your success in the program you are taking.

   So what were your experiences on moving out? What was good and what was bad?