Saturday, November 16, 2013

Prepared for Winter

    This weekend we are getting another winter blast. Yesterday we started with heavy wet snow and this morning started with the light dry snow. We've had about 25 cm( 12 in.) of snow. Needless to say I've been out shoveling snow. It's been good since it's not cold ...minus 10 C (12 F). 

We had limited visibility

     So I'm prepared as I have three snow shovels. If I don't like the color of one I can try another color.

Looking at the fence you can see how hard the snow is falling.

     It also got me thinking about my northern experience again. One of the first things I did when I arrived in the north was to get a local woman to make a traditional parka for me. It was one of the best things I did. I visited her and told her what I wanted. She looked me over and pictured me in a coat. She didn't measure me. The coat has a lining, duffel inside and outer cover. The hood is fringed with wolverine as it doesn't build up with frost. The hem is fringed with muskrat. The sleeves had muskrat trim but it wore out.

The coat is long and reaches close to the knees

   This coat was comfortable in all conditions. When outside I was warm. Inside you could sit for hours and not get hot. When in the Arctic I wore this coat about six months of the year.

I rarely wore anything under this coat unless I was out on a trip or out all day.

   I have replaced the lining and outer shell three times. That's not bad for a 50 year old coat.
Some coats were made of seal skin. I just have a sealskin for a decoration.

    When I came south I wore the coat because I was used to it. Gradually I quit wearing it and I haven't worn it for quite a few years.

   The coat brings back many memories for me of boat trips, snowmobile trips, hunting trips, snow shoeing and walking with the girls.

    Now the idea for today's post came from Darlin at My life for a Year. She had been out dancing last night at Moc Rock which is an aboriginal dance party. So I thought of my mukluks. When I went to look for them , I remembered I had donated them to the museum. Oh well , sometimes I make rash decisions. I won't give my coat away.