Tuesday, October 4, 2022


      Today was one of those fine fall days that makes fall so pleasant. 

      My job today was to dig my garden. Yes, I grow a vegetable garden and yes , I dig every bit of it by hand! Now my garden plot isn't very large ... maybe 20 x 30 feet. But for an elderly person , it's a lot of digging. 

      The temperature was about 20 C . The sun was bright. Not a cloud in the sky. No wind. It was dry. It was a beautiful day to be outside. 

     We have had very little precipitation since the end of June. Everything is dry. However, it seems like a good fall day has to be dry. Farmers want dry weather to harvest their crops. 

    This would have been a great day to just sit on your deck or patio. 

    Here's one of those pleasant fall days when we were out birding.