Friday, September 16, 2016


      A few  posts ago I tried to write about national Daughter's week. I had noticed a reference to national Daughter's week on line somewhere and the idea sounded interesting. I researched and met with confusion. I could find only one reference to national Daughter's week. I found a couple of sites on national Daughter's day and most sites were on National son and daughter's day.  There were many different dates for the celebration.

     I featured my daughter on the previous post as I thought the main idea was National Daughter's day. I planned to feature my son later on National son's week.

     Now I thought researching National son's week would be a piece of cake. Was I surprised when I found no site on National son's week.

     In my last post I stressed my firm belief to treat all children equally. So there is no National Son's day but I do have a son.

     Growing up , my son was energetic and humorous and had many friends. He was artistic and spent many hours at his desk drawing. He is very bright and did well in school and always liked school.

   His life has taken many twists and turns but it's always been interesting. He came home the last day of Gr. 12 and told us that he joined the army! It was surprising news to us. What he had done is enter a summer training program with the reserve armed forces which paid the handsome sum of $1600.00. He loved the activities that summer and stayed in the reserves. He continued and completed officer training. He stuck with the reserves for about 7 years and made many good friends. After that he has remained in high tech sales and service. Three times the company he worked for has been bought out.

     So after the confusion about National sons and daughter's day I've decided to do what I always do. I recognize the importance of my son and daughter for many reasons. They both have many different talents. They are extremely hard workers. If something needs to be done they pitch in without hesitation. That's a quality I really like about them.

    So I think the most important thing is to recognize our children on a daily basis rather than just one occasion per year!