Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The House Went That Way.

     I live in a subdivision that was built a little more than  50 years ago. Now 50 years isn't old for a house. My house was built in 1963.

     However, there are fools around who want to replace a house and build a new one. As I said, a 50 year old house is still good if it's been maintained properly. Some houses are better now than when they were built.

     At least 6 houses have been bulldozed and hauled to the waste management sites. What a waste! These structures are still in great condition, but somebody has too much money and wants a new house.

    Now last week  I noticed one of the houses loaded on a truck and ready to be moved out of town. Now this is a good idea as the materials aren't wasted.

    The sad part is that it costs about the same to bull doze the house or move it to another site where somebody wants it. There should be regulations that prevent people from hauling a perfectly good house to the waste management site.

    Now I did get some photos of the house loaded on the moving truck. The next morning at 5:00 AM it was to be moving and on the road. I wanted to be up and ready to take a photo as it was going right by my house. I was awake. I discovered that it's still dark at 5:00 Am so any photos would have been of truck lights. 

    However, sure enough the house went rolling by my place at 5:08 AM. They really move along with a house.