Friday, May 10, 2013

Frustration of Losing One Piece of the Puzzle

    I'm like many people in that, I took hundreds of slides through the 60' and 70's. That was the super technology at the time. So guess what? When I married, that meant two of us with slides. The 35 mm cameras took excellent photos.

    For some time now I have been thinking about changing my slides to digital. Many times I've done a post and had a great photo that could have been used but it was not changed to digital. I've been hoping to find someone who's finished with their  scanner and would sell it to me or maybe, even better, just let me use it. I have not been beating the bushes to find a scanner. I have looked on Kijiji. 

    One day my wife was talking with Melanie and they happened to get on the topic of slides and changing them to digital. Melanie said, "I have a scanner and you can try it."  But she said, "I bought the scanner and I have a Mac but the scanner is for a PC." But she said, "I can't find the disk that goes along with the scanner."  She thought that she had given the scanner to a friend and somewhere the disk had disappeared.

   So I offered to try and find a driver for her scanner on line. I searched and  searched. I could find drivers but I did not trust the sites. I asked my son to search. I asked my friend for hints. None of it worked. I was stumped. It was frustrating to miss an opportunity because one piece of the puzzle was missing. The only thing I achieved was to find a manual for Melanie's scanner. 

   Today Melanie said, "Guess what I found?" So she found the disk in the bag that the scanner came in. Now she said, "When I found the disk I had to quickly go back to the Thrift Store and get my scanner back!"

    So here I am six months later and I will try to scan my slides. So it was frustrating for Melanie and me that one piece of the scanner held up the whole process. 

   Now for using Melanie's scanner I have offered to scan her slides. I hope she doesn't have thousands of slides!