Tuesday, May 15, 2018


      The Micro Manager decided to go to a Chinese Buffet for Mother's Day.

      Well , this suited me because I like Chinese food.  

     This city has three Chinese Buffets. The oldest one has seen better days but to our experience was the best of the three. One of the buffets is smaller with less variety. We tried the newest buffet about five years ago and it was awful. Recently Joe  and Nancy said the new one was very good.

    So we went to the old stand by. We looked at the price for seniors. The regular price was covered up with a piece of card board and Mother's Day prices shown.  As far as we could tell they raised the price $5.00 for Mother's Day. We thought that maybe since were at the restaurant that we should eat . A minute later I said, "I'm not eating here when they raise the price that much for Mother's Day."

    So off we went and decided to go across the street to the latest buffet that had been terrible. Here , they raised the price  dollar but were open about it. The place was busy and noisy. Good sign. People were having fun. 

    We were completely surprised to find that the restaurant that we had terrible experience with was absolutely fantastic. Great food! They had extra items like large shrimp, roast turkey, roast beef and a few other extras.

   So since the other restaurant was so devious, they've lost a couple of customers.

    Now most of the time I would not have walked out of a restaurant, but this time it was a matter of principle. Don't try to rip the customers off on Mother's Day.