Saturday, February 24, 2018


    Most readers know that I am an obsessed do it your selfer. I'm beyond help! Don't say anything! You wouldn't want to see more blue air.

    Well, it's still about the new Brother printer I bought. As you remember it was a challenge to set the printer up as wireless. I thought It was cool that I discovered the printer was connected to WiFi when after three frustrating tries with brother I thought everything failed. The printer worked. Of course , it's a no brainer that the copier worked. The scanner sort of worked.

     So two weeks of trying to figure out the scanner. I tried a few things and whoops, I lost the Internet connection. Oh I thought, there should be something to reverse what I did and get back on Wi fi. No way.

     So I phoned the Internet provider. No help there. I phoned the Geek Squad ...too busy. I checked manuals. I checked help sites. No help. I phone Brother's 1 800 but they were closed Saturday.

     Now the first time trying to connect by wireless, it was chat and there was a printout. I went back to the printout as a last resort to try it again. The process I went through on chat was frustrating .. Slowly, I went through the steps. After the ninth step, the green Wi Fi light came on. Ah success. There was supposed to be a test page. Press print.

Out came the print test page.

     Now I realized how poor the Brother people were in their help. They kept asking if I saw a test page after step nine. Every time!  No! I looked all over the printer. I looked all over the PC. What the Brother people neglected to give me was the last and most important step...PRINT. 

     Now to get back to the scanner. After I'd been through the wireless setup, I had a better idea of what was going on. I tried the option and presto it scanned. 
I had looked at manuals for directions to print and none of those instructions were close to correct.

    Needless to say I'm not impressed with Brother's help. Too many unavailable sites. Too many printers in one manual.  Too many incomplete instructions,

    But I fixed the beggars. I got my printer to work.