Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And Ice Skating Started Yesterday

      I never miss posting about ice skating. I have posted many times and also referred to ice skating in other blogs.
Off to the rink for another year.

      So yesterday our season started and will go to the last Tuesday in April. We skate for an hour and then off for coffee. Both the skating and coffee are fun social times. I know that I am with very supportive people who care very much about each other. People who have stopped skating are still remembered and supported. We have a Christmas reception where all former skaters are invited back for coffee and goodies.

    This year our skating group has a major first. One of our skaters turned ninety this summer so yesterday's skate was the first time Howard had skated at age ninety. Howard is still a strong steady skater and when he turns on the jets I can't keep up to him. Howard also likes to couple skate as he likes to skate with the music. Howard has had a passion for skating all his life and is the major promoter of senior skating in our town. So here's to Howard and many more years of smooth skating.
Cruising down the ice.

      I have gotten to know many of the skaters extremely well. We share experiences from family, career, good time and bad times. We find we have much in common.

     And of course, when you know people so well there is always a good amount of joshing back and forth and some of it can be pretty tricky.

    So I enjoy the exercise from skating and the association with really neat people. Both of these help to keep a senior in good physical and mental health.I wish you could come and join me for a skate.