Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Bridge I Use the Most

     I had never thought about the bridge I have gone over more than any other bridge. I took the picture on my bike trip. This bridge was put in to take traffic from our trails across the river. So there's this bridge on the west end of the trails and the exact same bridge on the eastern end of the trails. I have crossed this bridge walking, cycling and skiing. 

     I ride at least 1000 km a summer. Although there are many other trails I do ride this one quite often. In the winter there are cross country skiing areas on both sides of this bridge. It's kind of cool to ski across a bridge.

    Now I like the look of this bridge although it doesn't compare with the old steel rail way bridge.

I hadn't noticed the clouds in the photo

It's a hard bridge to photograph as there's not a good angle on it.

I did get a shot with most of the bridge.
     So there's the beautiful bridge that I have crossed more than any other bridge.