Friday, April 29, 2016

Dorothy's Story

      Dorothy is a very feisty, energetic independent 89 year old who lives in her own house by herself. Three times a week she drives her little truck 30 miles return to visit her husband who is on personal care.

       Dorothy is a fierce defender of parks and land set aside for natural areas. Her knowledge of native plants and animals is vast. There's very little she hasn't seen or done. She's been a great mentor for me.

       The other night we were at a naturalist meeting and she said, "I've just got to tell you this story. Only a group like this would appreciate it."

      Tuesday was garbage day and at 9:30 AM Dorothy set out the garbage. She left her kitchen and went out the passage door of the garage. Of course, she left both doors open. Her neighbors have been complaining about mice. As Dorothy entered her kitchen she saw something flash and thought "Oh boy, I've got a mouse." A second look showed her that the flash in her house was a least weasel. These are little guys about 4 in long.

Image result for least weasel photo

      The weasel scampered into her bedroom. Dorothy quickly closed the door to isolate him while she thought of something to do.

      She had an appointment right away so decided to leave the weasel locked in the bedroom , so she thought, while away on her appointment.

      When Dorothy came back she peaked in the bedroom to see if her visitor was still there. Well, yes he was , curled up in her blankets and looking out at her. So the door was closed again for Dorothy to think some more.

     A few hours later , she thought she'd look again. This time the weasel scampered off the bed into the closet. Dorothy grabbed all the bedding and took it outside hoping the weasel was in the bedding and would stay outside. No way.

      Well, maybe the weasel could be chased out. In her words. "The darn thing would come in and out of the closet." Dorothy sat on the bed to think. The cheeky little beggar jumped up on the bed and came over beside her and looked up at her. The weasel would actually sit on her lap. Every time Dorothy moved the weasel took off. This plan was going nowhere.

      Dorothy decided to get a bag and her leg brace. The curious weasel inspected the bag and finally went in whereupon Dorothy quickly stamped on the bag opening trapping the weasel inside. The knee brace was to secure the top of the bag and off she went outside with her little friend. It was midnight and Dorothy started at nine.

     Dorothy could hardly tell her story as she was so amused by what had happened with the little weasel.

      Now weasels have a bit of a reputation. They are fierce with their prey and people are afraid of them. With humans they are very curious and do no harm. I'm afraid I could not do what dorothy did even if I know the weasel is friendly