Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Little Old Lady in a Trans AM

          I was downtown early this morning when it was fairly quiet. I was approaching a street that I had to cross. On my right I noticed a rather dusty beat up old Trans AM. A closer look revealed the driver to be female.

         I waited for the light to change. The Trans AM was going to make a left turn. Well, you keep your eye on any car when you're crossing the street and somebody is turning left. I took a good look at the driver in the Trans AM to see if she was aware that I was crossing the street.   Not only was the driver female , but she was elderly, very elderly. A wool hat was pulled over great locks of white hair. This driver was alert and aware of everything around her...even an elderly pedestrian crossing the street. After I had crossed, she made her left turn smartly and proceeded with confidence down the block. She looked like she knew how to drive the Trans AM and had driven it for a long time.

        So I speculate. Was this lady driving her grand son's Trans AM?  Did this lady need a car in a hurry and just picked up a Trans AM?  Was this lady a rebel and chose a hot car? How many speeding tickets has she had? Had this lady bought her own Trans AM many years ago and had just continued driving it until they both became old? 

       What ever the situation, the two images were opposite to what you would expect. 

       So do you take a second look when the two images don't match? 

My 1978 Chevy roadster just before I sold it !!!